Notice: The Pool Monitor is no longer available for purchase.

The Pool Monitor will remain functional through 2018, after which it will no longer function.

Welcome to the Pool Monitor

Water chemistry is perhaps the most important aspect of maintaining a swimming pool. Proper water chemistry is required to keep your pool safe and clean for swimmers. Maintaining a swimming pool's chemicals can save pool owners hundreds of dollars per year, and endless hours of frustration.

The Pool Monitor provides essential tools to monitor and maintain your water chemistry over time. Your water testing history is reported in a graphical form so you can see trends and the long-term affect of your treatments.

Monitoring your swimming pool water is the simplest way to keep your pool clear, clean and ready to enjoy. With the Pool Monitor it's as simple as recording your water test results on the Input view then touch the "Analyze" button and let the Pool Monitor do the rest.

Pool Monitor Options

The Pool Monitor is available for both Android and iPhone/iPad devices.

Discover the features that meet your individual needs:

The mobile version of the Pool Monitor provides features that are important to the individual pool owner for maintaining their pool water.

  • Easily input your water test results
  • See immediate analysis of your test
  • Detail view of each summary item with recommendations
  • Water test history saved to cloud server
  • Graphical analysis of historical test results
  • Full description of each chemical affecting your water balance
  • Pool volume calculator

About Water Chemicals and Treatments

Read all about the different chemical treatments that you use to make your water clear and bright.
Chlorine Sanitizer Maintaining the disenfectant levels can keep your pool water clear and safe.
pH Level The potential Hydrogen (pH) level affects chlorine's ability to disenfect and keeps your eyes from reddening and burning.
Total Alkalinity The measure of the total amount of dissolved particles in the water whose pH is higher than 7.0.
Calcium Hardness The proper Calcium Hardness will keep your water from causing corrosion and scaling of your pool's surface.
Cyanuric Acid Conditioner that helps to prevent chlorine loss due to the sun's ultraviolet rays.
Salt Salt water chlorination uses dissolved salt as a store for the chlorination system.
Saturation Index Saturation index help determine water balance as it relates to corrosion and scaling.