the Pool Monitor Windows desktop version is no longer available

the Pool Monitor

Water chemistry is perhaps the most important aspect of maintaining a swimming pool. Proper water chemistry is required to keep a swimming pool safe and clean for swimmers. Maintaining a swimming pool's chemicals can save pool owners hundreds of dollars per year, and endless hours of time.

The Pool Monitor provides essential tools to monitor and maintain your water chemistry over time. The Pool Monitor reports your history of water testing in both tabular and graphical form. All of your treatments, such as chlorine, acid, etc. are reported in a convenient monthly calendar display and tabular report.

Monitoring your swimming pool water is the simplest way to keep your pool clear, clean and ready to enjoy. With the Pool Monitor it's as simple as recording the readings when you test your pool water and when you add chemicals to your pool.


  • Maintain history of water test results for quick determination of water going bad.
  • Recommendations are calculated for treating water based on supplied test and target values.
  • Track water treatments to see what may have caused a problem.
  • Convenient calendar showing water treatments.
  • Pool water volume calculations based on your pool shape.
  • Graphical analysis of chemical tests performed.
  • Multiple pools may be maintained and reported separately.
  • Culture sensitive for formats and measures.

Reviewing the history of your water testing results can help you to easily determine what went wrong and when.

Graphical reports are produced for all chemical levels tested in your pool.